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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 30, 2013, 7:56 PM
The Hero and the Fool

I do commissions and feature artists. Let me know if you want to be featured!

Corvus Corax Speaks

I am the Lover and the Revolutionary, the Hero and the Fool

Hey kids,

So what's happening right now is I've started uploading some newer work to Behance at I'm still going to upload here, but this will let me upload my in progress works without having a cluttered gallery and it also allows me to post my resume and what not.

I have a booth reserved in May for a dog show where I'm going to sell dog portraits. I started a series of the Top 25 Dog Breeds for our local kennel club, and I'll be donating a couple of my pieces for their raffle to raise money for them. I like supporting our dog club and our local humane society, so I think this will help our local animal communities and it will help me make some extra money. The Top 25 pieces will be scanned and I'll also have prints made of them. The originals will go for much higher, but I think the prints will be about $25/pop. In addition, I'll be taking commissions and doing portraits of patrons' dogs at my booth and charging for that. Hopefully this will benefit me as I graduate, and will benefit the humane society and kennel club.

I've also started a series of endangered/wild animals, called The Fierce. The idea for this series is to take animals usually perceived as dangerous or intimidating and cast them in a contemplative light. I hope it'll be a chance for me to explore the human in that which is not human. I also plan on sending one of the pieces I finish to Jane Goodall. I met her over a year ago and she is truly a wonderful person, plus I've grown up my whole life being told about her and how much she has contributed to the biology community and the endangered animal communities. I want to give back to her something personal, though I know she doesn't remember me at all. I hope that when I do send it to her, she can use it to continue to benefit her foundation and animals. I plan on giving her free reign on reproducing it and selling prints, and just hope that she will keep the original. I know that's really all just imagined fantasies, but I hope it'll workout.

Art fun aside, I'd like to ask anyone who reads this to pray and think positive thoughts for my family. My dad has been in and out of the hospital over the past few months with heart trouble, including a heart attack this past November (of 2012). My middle brother is also suffering from addictions and has been trying to get help to cease his drug use, but it's taking its toll on my family and me. He's ran away and threatened suicide, and is currently going through rehab. Hopefully, everything will settle down, but do keep us in mind any time you happen to be hoping for the best for people. It'd mean a lot to me.

And the last big bits of news:

For the next few months, I'll be working hard. I'm student teaching in addition to holding down a job, so I'm pretty much busy all the time except for weekends. I have about 2 hours every day where I need to sleep or make food, as I'm up in the morning around 6:30am, then teaching and working from 8am-4pm and 6pm-midnight, except weekends (and Tuesday, but Tuesday is work out night). I try to still be around, since my job at night allows me to work on lesson plans and be on the internets. Otherwise, I'm workin' my butt off.

I'll be graduating in May and doing who knows what, but I do know I'll need a break after a while, so I may not go straight into teaching. But I've already designed my graduation invitations and I'll probably be working on a mailing list whenever I get some free time.

It's gonna be a hard, fast, busy, and tough next several months, but I hope you guys will support me. I am always open for commissions and can make prints of most of my pieces. I have paypal, and you can reach me at julieraven1 at gmail dot com. Just message me here or e-mail me, and I'll be glad to work out something with you even with my busy schedule. I gots bills to pay and could always use the extra dollar and dime to help out my family and me.

Thank you guys, you're all awesome!


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Hi, I'm awesome and I do what I want. I can kill you with a wink of my eye.

I like working in museums and teaching and learning about art history. I like to teach about sculptures, but I prefer working in charcoal and nupastel media. I'm constantly growing and I'm eager to learn more and more every step of the way.

Personal Quote: I am made of badassery and win as well as femininity and perfect.

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